Race Board

Custom Epoxy Paddle Boards

A Gardner Custom Epoxy Paddle Board is hand shaped to your own specifications, height weight, width, etc to ensure the fastest ride for your ability.

With a cutting edge design and shape, Gardner Epoxy Paddle Boards are the competitor’s choice!

Each board is custom designed and hand shaped to suit the individual - height, width and weight - and is made from the highest quality materials to ensure superior performance and durability. Glassed in epoxy resin with a triple layer of glass on the deck, and double layer on the bottom. They have a handgrip on the side with 4 padded handles, knee pads and an 8 inch fin a box.

Foam Core:

Gardner only uses the highest grade EPS Foam Core with inner re-enforced nose and tail areas to protect your board when it’s in or out of the water. 

Deck Construction:

The Gardner Epoxy Paddle Board comes with high Quality Fibreglass Cloth on the deck with reinforcement in the high impact areas. Allowing for superior strength and lightweight construction.  

Bottom Construction:

All Gardner Epoxy Paddle Boards come with 2 layers of high Quality Fibreglass Cloth on the bottom with extrare-enforcement on the nose, rails & tail for added strength.


Gardner Epoxy Paddle Boards come with 4 Re-enforced handles with a total of 16 re-enforced anchor points in every board for superior strength. Each handle has a hardened nylon anti-twist inner backbone with an integrated all-in one outer neoprene soft cover. This system allows the rider to be confident the handles will minimize erratic board movement while providing a soft comfortable grip to the hand in all surf conditions.      

Fin System:

All Gardner Paddle Boards have a re-enforced block surrounding the Fin Box. With an Adjustable & Removable Fin made of high quality fibreglass.

Board Size:

All Gardner Custom Made Epoxy Paddle Boards are the SLSA specification Length of 10’6” and are made to fit the individual rider’s size, shape and technic.


All Gardner boards are made to Surf Life Saving Australia specifications and come with a Surf Life Saving Australia Compliance Sticker on each individual Board. Every Board has it’s own SLSA Compliance Number, allowing the board to be used in official Surf Life Saving Events.


**Please check the "Artwork Gallery" for more designs.

***Includes Basic Artwork only, Prices for Advanced Art work will be quoted separately.


Custom Epoxy Paddle Board $1,695.00


Extra Side Hand Grip $60

Extra Pop Up Handle $50

Paddle Board Covers $165

For More information please call 0488 014 602